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Requirements for Lesson Plans

One of the objectives for this course is to make forest ecology and biology relevant to secondary educators. Therefore we are actually requiring the students to develop two lesson plans that will basically follow the standard Virginia SOL lesson plan guide. We suggest that you visit Siemens STEM Academy for specific examples of successful lesson plans and other useful tips. All lesson plans submitted for this course must include the following components and should not exceed 2 pages in length (single spacing, 10 font, 1 inch margins, times new roman). Additionally, the student should provide a one-paragraph description of the chapter and section from the course text that were used to create the Lesson Plan.

We encourage you to submit your lesson plan to the web site listed above. If it is approved for posting you can receive 10 points toward renewal of your license, with a maximum of 30 points earned in one year. Please let us know if it is approved!

Lesson Plan Components

• Title
• Target Curriculum
• Target Grade:
• SOLs:
• Time needed:
• Learning Objectives
• Purpose:
• Materials Needed
• Procedures and Activities
• Observations
• Conclusions (Assessment)
• Extensions
• Class Discussion Questions
• Cautions and Concerns
• Supporting Links

You must submit both lesson plans on or before July 29, 2012. Email them as attachments to Dr. Seiler