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Woody Plants in North America

An On-Line Tutorial Available From Kendall/Hunt Publishing -- Visit the website for ordering information

Woody Plants in North America 4.0 describes nearly 1000 trees, shrubs, and vines that are native or ornamentally introduced to North America. It is a great reference and teaching aid for students and professionals in forestry, horticulture, biology and natural resources. And it works on all internet-connected devices... including your smart phone!

From the home screen you can search for a tree, navigate taxonomically or turn the textbook into "Trees of Your State or Province."

Learn terminology with a full morphology section that describes each plant part. home
To understand natural variation within a species, there are many images of each plant part. Here you can find 16 different white oak leaves. home
Learn about each ID feature with multiple images. There are 63 images for white oak (any of which might appear in the quiz). home
Scroll down to see how white oak is different from commonly confused species. Here we see the difference between white and bur oak twigs. home
When you have studied enough, check your progress. You can store up to 10 different quizzes. home



WPINA 3.0 (the DVD)

For those with version 2.0 (the old three CD set):

If you suspect you received a bad batch of CD's contact Lara Sanders at Kendall/Hunt. Your will need to uninstall and then reinstall with the new CD's.


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