Twig Key

So far you have made the following choices...

It could be one of the species in the table below. Let's narrow our choices based on the shape of the end bud.

Possible Matches:

Family Genus Species common name
Bignoniaceae Catalpa speciosa northern catalpa
Caprifoliaceae Sambucus cerulea blue elderberry
Caprifoliaceae Sambucus racemosa red elderberry
Hippocastanaceae Aesculus glabra Ohio buckeye
Hippocastanaceae Aesculus hippocastanum horsechestnut
Hippocastanaceae Aesculus octandra yellow buckeye
Hippocastanaceae Aesculus parviflora bottlebrush buckeye
Hippocastanaceae Aesculus pavia red buckeye
Hippocastanaceae Aesculus sylvatica painted buckeye
Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea macrophylla bigleaf hydrangea
Hydrangeaceae Philadelphus coronarius mockorange
Hydrangeaceae Philadelphus lewisii mockorange
Oleaceae Chionanthus virginicus fringetree
Oleaceae Fraxinus caroliniana Carolina ash
Oleaceae Fraxinus nigra black ash
Oleaceae Fraxinus pennsylvanica green ash
Oleaceae Fraxinus profunda pumpkin ash
Rubiaceae Cephalanthus occidentalis buttonbush
Scrophulariaceae Paulownia tomentosa royal paulownia
Staphyleaceae Staphylea trifolia bladdernut
Verbenaceae Callicarpa americana American beautyberry


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