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print this native? Abelia xgrandiflora - glossy abelia

print this native? Abutilon palmeri - Palmer's Indian mallow

print this native? Acacia berlandieri - guajillo

print this native? Acacia constricta - whitethorn acacia

print this native? Acacia farnesiana - sweet acacia

print this native? Acacia greggii - catclaw acacia

print this native? Acer buergerianum - trident maple

print this native? Acer campestre - hedge maple

print this native? Acer circinatum - vine maple

print this native? Acer floridanum - Florida maple

print this native? Acer ginnala - Amur maple

print this native? Acer glabrum - Rocky Mountain maple

print this native? Acer grandidentatum - bigtooth maple

print this native? Acer griseum - paperbark maple

print this native? Acer macrophyllum - bigleaf maple     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Acer miyabei - Miyabe maple

print this native? Acer negundo - boxelder     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Acer nigrum - black maple

print this native? Acer palmatum - Japanese maple

print this native? Acer pensylvanicum - striped maple

print this native? Acer platanoides - Norway maple

print this native? Acer pseudoplatanus - sycamore maple

print this native? Acer rubrum - red maple     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Acer saccharinum - silver maple     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Acer saccharum - sugar maple     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Acer spicatum - mountain maple

print this native? Acer tataricum - Tatarian maple

print this native? Acer truncatum - Shantung maple

print this native? Acer xfreemanii - Freeman maple

print this native? Adenostoma fasciculatum - chamise

print this native? Adenostoma sparsifolium - redshanks

print this native? Aesculus californica - California buckeye

print this native? Aesculus flava - yellow buckeye

print this native? Aesculus glabra - Ohio buckeye

print this native? Aesculus hippocastanum - horsechestnut

print this native? Aesculus parviflora - bottlebrush buckeye

print this native? Aesculus pavia - red buckeye

print this native? Aesculus sylvatica - painted buckeye

print this native? Ailanthus altissima - tree-of-Heaven

print this native? Akebia quinata - fiveleaf akebia

print this native? Albizia julibrissin - mimosa

print this native? Alnus cordata - Italian alder

print this native? Alnus glutinosa - European black alder

print this native? Alnus incana ssp. rugosa - speckled alder

print this native? Alnus incana ssp. tenuifolia - thinleaf alder

print this native? Alnus oblongifolia - Arizona alder

print this native? Alnus rhombifolia - white alder

print this native? Alnus rubra - red alder     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Alnus serrulata - hazel alder

print this native? Alnus viridis ssp. sinuata - Sitka alder

print this native? Ambrosia ambrosioides - canyon ragweed

print this native? Ambrosia chenopodiifolia - San Diego bursage

print this native? Ambrosia deltoidea - triangleleaf bursage

print this native? Ambrosia dumosa - white bursage

print this native? Amelanchier alnifolia - Pacific serviceberry

print this native? Amelanchier arborea - downy serviceberry     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Amelanchier canadensis - shadblow serviceberry

print this native? Amelanchier laevis - Alleghany serviceberry

print this native? Amelanchier utahensis - Utah serviceberry

print this native? Amorpha fruticosa - desert false indigo

print this native? Andromeda polifolia - bog rosemary

print this native? Anisacanthus quadrifidus - desert honeysuckle

print this native? Annona glabra - pond apple

print this native? Aralia spinosa - Devil's walking stick

print this native? Araucaria araucana - monkeypuzzle tree

print this native? Arbutus arizonica - Arizona madrone

print this native? Arbutus menziesii - Pacific madrone

print this native? Arbutus xalapensis - Texas madrone

print this native? Arctostaphylos columbiana - hairy manzanita

print this native? Arctostaphylos densiflora - Vine Hill manzanita

print this native? Arctostaphylos glauca - bigberry manzanita

print this native? Arctostaphylos patula - green manzanita

print this native? Arctostaphylos pungens - pointleaf manzanita

print this native? Arctostaphylos uva-ursi - kinnikinick

print this native? Arctostaphylos viscida - whiteleaf manzanita

print this native? Aristolochia macrophylla - Dutchman's pipe

print this native? Artemisia californica - coastal sagebrush

print this native? Artemisia tridentata - big sagebrush

print this native? Asimina parviflora - dwarf pawpaw

print this native? Asimina triloba - pawpaw

print this native? Atriplex canescens - four-wing saltbush

print this native? Atriplex confertifolia - shadscale

print this native? Avicennia germinans - black mangrove

print this native? Baccharis halimifolia - eastern baccharis

print this native? Baccharis pilularis - coyotebrush

print this native? Baccharis pteronioides - yerba de pasmo

print this native? Baccharis salicifolia - mule fat

print this native? Baccharis sarothroides - desertbroom

print this native? Berberis canadensis - American barberry

print this native? Berberis thunbergii - Japanese barberry

print this native? Berchemia scandens - supplejack

print this native? Betula alleghaniensis - yellow birch     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Betula glandulosa - dwarf birch

print this native? Betula lenta - sweet birch     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Betula nana - bog birch

print this native? Betula nigra - river birch

print this native? Betula occidentalis - water birch

print this native? Betula papyrifera - paper birch     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Betula pendula - European weeping birch

print this native? Betula populifolia - gray birch

print this native? Betula uber - roundleaf birch

print this native? Betula utilis - Himalayan white birch

print this native? Bignonia capreolata - crossvine

print this native? Borrichia arborescens - tree seaside tansy

print this native? Bougainvillea spp. - bougainvillea

print this native? Broussonetia papyrifera - paper mulberry

print this native? Bucida buceras - black olive

print this native? Buckleya distichophylla - piratebush

print this native? Buddleja davidii - butterfly-bush

print this native? Bursera fagaroides - fragrant bursera

print this native? Bursera hindsiana - copal

print this native? Bursera microphylla - elephant tree

print this native? Bursera simaruba - gumbo-limbo

print this native? Buxus sempervirens - boxwood

print this native? Caesalpinia pulcherrima - pride-of-Barbados

print this native? Calliandra californica - Baja fairy duster

print this native? Calliandra eriophylla - fairy duster

print this native? Callicarpa americana - American beautyberry

print this native? Callistemon spp. - bottlebrush tree

print this native? Calycanthus floridus - common sweetshrub

print this native? Calycanthus occidentalis - sweet shrub

print this native? Camellia japonica - Japanese camellia

print this native? Campsis radicans - trumpet creeper

print this native? Caragana arborescens - pea tree

print this native? Carpinus betulus - European hornbeam

print this native? Carpinus caroliniana - hornbeam

print this native? Carpinus japonica - Japanese hornbeam

print this native? Carya aquatica - water hickory

print this native? Carya cordiformis - bitternut hickory     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Carya glabra - pignut hickory     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Carya illinoinensis - pecan

print this native? Carya laciniosa - shellbark hickory

print this native? Carya myristiciformis - nutmeg hickory

print this native? Carya ovalis - red hickory

print this native? Carya ovata - shagbark hickory     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Carya pallida - sand hickory

print this native? Carya tomentosa - mockernut hickory     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Cassiope mertensiana - white mountain heather

print this native? Castanea dentata - American chestnut

print this native? Castanea mollissima - Chinese chestnut

print this native? Castanea pumila - Alleghany chinkapin

print this native? Castela emoryi - crucifixion thorn

print this native? Casuarina equisetifolia - Australian pine

print this native? Catalpa bignonioides - southern catalpa

print this native? Catalpa speciosa - northern catalpa

print this native? Ceanothus americanus - New Jersey tea

print this native? Ceanothus cordulatus - whitethorn ceanothus

print this native? Ceanothus cuneatus - narrowleaf buckbrush

print this native? Ceanothus fendleri - Fendler's ceanothus

print this native? Ceanothus gloriosus - Point Reyes ceanothus

print this native? Ceanothus greggii - desert ceanothus

print this native? Ceanothus impressus - Santa Barbara ceanothus

print this native? Ceanothus integerrimus - deerbrush

print this native? Ceanothus prostratus - mahala mat

print this native? Ceanothus sanguineus - redstem ceanothus

print this native? Ceanothus spinosus - greenbark ceanothus

print this native? Ceanothus thyrsiflorus - blueblossom

print this native? Ceanothus velutinus - snowbrush

print this native? Cedrus deodara - Deodar cedar

print this native? Celastrus orbiculatus - Oriental bittersweet

print this native? Celastrus scandens - American bittersweet

print this native? Celtis africana - white stinkwood

print this native? Celtis ehrenbergiana - spiny hackberry

print this native? Celtis laevigata var. laevigata - sugarberry

print this native? Celtis laevigata var. reticulata - netleaf hackberry

print this native? Celtis occidentalis - hackberry

print this native? Celtis pumila - dwarf hackberry

print this native? Cephalanthus occidentalis - buttonbush

print this native? Cephalotaxus fortunei - Chinese plum-yew

print this native? Cercidiphyllum japonicum - katsuratree

print this native? Cercis canadensis - eastern redbud

print this native? Cercis chinensis - Chinese redbud

print this native? Cercis orbiculata - western redbud

print this native? Cercocarpus intricatus - littleleaf mountain-mahogany

print this native? Cercocarpus ledifolius - curlleaf mountain-mahogany

print this native? Cercocarpus montanus - mountain-mahogany

print this native? Chaenomeles speciosa - common floweringquince

print this native? Chamaebatia foliolosa - mountain misery

print this native? Chamaebatiaria millefolium - fernbush

print this native? Chamaedaphne calyculata - leatherleaf

print this native? Chilopsis linearis - desert-willow

print this native? Chimaphila maculata - striped pipsissewa

print this native? Chimaphila umbellata - prince's pine

print this native? Chionanthus virginicus - fringetree

print this native? Chrysobalanus icaco - cocoplum

print this native? Chrysolepis chrysophylla - golden chinkapin

print this native? Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus - yellow rabbitbrush

print this native? Cinnamomum camphora - camphortree

print this native? Cistus spp. - rockrose

print this native? Citrus spp. - citrus

print this native? Cladrastis kentukea - yellowwood

print this native? Clematis columbiana - rock clematis

print this native? Clematis drummondii - virgin's bower

print this native? Clematis ligusticifolia - white clematis

print this native? Clematis terniflora - sweetautumn clematis

print this native? Clematis virginiana - virgin's bower

print this native? Cleome isomeris - bladderpod spiderflower

print this native? Clethra alnifolia - summersweet clethra

print this native? Cliftonia monophylla - buckwheat tree

print this native? Coccoloba uvifera - seagrape

print this native? Coleogyne ramosissima - blackbrush

print this native? Comptonia peregrina - sweetfern

print this native? Condalia globosa - bitter condalia

print this native? Conocarpus erectus - buttonwood

print this native? Cornus alba - Tatarian dogwood

print this native? Cornus alternifolia - alternate-leaf dogwood

print this native? Cornus amomum - silky dogwood

print this native? Cornus canadensis - bunchberry

print this native? Cornus drummondii - roughleaf dogwood

print this native? Cornus florida - flowering dogwood     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Cornus kousa - kousa dogwood

print this native? Cornus mas - Cornelian cherry dogwood

print this native? Cornus nuttallii - Pacific dogwood

print this native? Cornus racemosa - gray dogwood

print this native? Cornus sericea - red-osier dogwood

print this native? Corylopsis glabrescens - fragrant winterhazel

print this native? Corylopsis pauciflora - buttercup winterhazel

print this native? Corylopsis sinensis - Chinese winterhazel

print this native? Corylus americana - American hazel

print this native? Corylus avellana - common filbert

print this native? Corylus colurna - Turkish hazel

print this native? Corylus cornuta - beaked hazel

print this native? Cotinus coggygria - European smoketree

print this native? Cotinus obovatus - American smoketree

print this native? Cotoneaster spp. - cotoneaster

print this native? Crataegus douglasii - black hawthorn

print this native? Crataegus monogyna - oneseed hawthorn

print this native? Crataegus spp. - hawthorn     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Croton alabamensis - Alabama croton

print this native? Cyrilla racemiflora - swamp cyrilla

print this native? Cytisus scoparius - Scotch broom

print this native? Dasiphora fruticosa - shrubby cinquefoil

print this native? Davidia involucrata - dove tree

print this native? Decumaria barbara - climbing hydrangea

print this native? Delonix regia - flamboyant tree

print this native? Dendromecon rigida - tree poppy

print this native? Deutzia scabra - fuzzy deutzia

print this native? Diervilla lonicera - northern bush-honeysuckle

print this native? Diospyros texana - Texas persimmon

print this native? Diospyros virginiana - common persimmon     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Diplacus puniceus - red bush monkeyflower

print this native? Dirca palustris - eastern leatherwood

print this native? Ditrysinia fruticosa - Gulf Sebastian-bush

print this native? Dodonaea viscosa - hopbush

print this native? Ebenopsis confinis - ejoton

print this native? Ebenopsis ebano - Texas ebony

print this native? Ehretia anacua - sandpaper tree

print this native? Elaeagnus angustifolia - Russian-olive

print this native? Elaeagnus commutata - silverberry

print this native? Elaeagnus pungens - thorny-olive

print this native? Elaeagnus umbellata - autumn-olive

print this native? Encelia californica - California brittlebrush

print this native? Encelia farinosa - brittlebush

print this native? Ephedra spp. - Mormon-tea

print this native? Epigaea repens - trailing arbutus

print this native? Ericameria laricifolia - turpentine bush

print this native? Ericameria linearifolia - narrowleaf goldenbush

print this native? Ericameria nauseosa - gray rabbitbrush

print this native? Ericameria palmeri - Palmer's goldenbush

print this native? Eriogonum cinereum - coastal buckwheat

print this native? Eriogonum fasciculatum - flat-top buckwheat

print this native? Erythrina corallodendron - coral tree

print this native? Eubotrys racemosa - swamp doghobble

print this native? Eucalyptus caesia - gungurru

print this native? Eucalyptus camaldulensis - river red gum

print this native? Eucalyptus cladocalyx - sugar gum

print this native? Eucalyptus cordata - silver gum

print this native? Eucalyptus globulus - blue gum

print this native? Eucalyptus nitens - shining gum

print this native? Eucalyptus polyanthemos - silver dollar gum

print this native? Eucalyptus sideroxylon - red ironbark

print this native? Eucalyptus torelliana - cadagi

print this native? Eucalyptus woodwardii - lemon-flowered gum

print this native? Euonymus alatus - winged euonymus

print this native? Euonymus americanus - strawberry bush

print this native? Euonymus atropurpureus - eastern wahoo

print this native? Euonymus europaeus - spindletree

print this native? Euonymus fortunei - wintercreeper

print this native? Euonymus kiautschovicus - spreading euonymus

print this native? Euphorbia misera - cliff spurge

print this native? Eysenhardtia orthocarpa - kidneywood

print this native? Eysenhardtia texana - Texas kidneywood

print this native? Fagus grandifolia - American beech     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Fagus orientalis - Oriental beech

print this native? Fagus sylvatica - European beech

print this native? Faidherbia albida - winter thorn

print this native? Fallugia paradoxa - Apache plume

print this native? Fendlera rupicola - cliff fendlerbush

print this native? Ficus aurea - strangler fig

print this native? Ficus carica - common fig

print this native? Ficus macrophylla - Moreton Bay fig

print this native? Firmiana simplex - Chinese parasoltree

print this native? Forestiera pubescens - desert-olive

print this native? Forsythia spp. - forsythia

print this native? Fothergilla gardenii - dwarf fothergilla

print this native? Fouquieria columnaris - boojum tree

print this native? Fouquieria splendens - ocotillo

print this native? Frangula alnus - glossy buckthorn

print this native? Frangula californica - California buckthorn

print this native? Frangula caroliniana - Carolina buckthorn

print this native? Frangula purshiana - Cascara buckthorn

print this native? Franklinia alatamaha - Franklin tree

print this native? Fraxinus americana - white ash     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Fraxinus angustifolia - narrowleaf ash

print this native? Fraxinus anomala - singleleaf ash

print this native? Fraxinus caroliniana - Carolina ash

print this native? Fraxinus dipetala - two-petal ash

print this native? Fraxinus excelsior - European ash

print this native? Fraxinus gooddingii - Gooding ash

print this native? Fraxinus latifolia - Oregon ash

print this native? Fraxinus nigra - black ash

print this native? Fraxinus pennsylvanica - green ash     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Fraxinus profunda - pumpkin ash

print this native? Fraxinus quadrangulata - blue ash

print this native? Fraxinus velutina - Arizona ash

print this native? Fremontodendron californicum - California fremontia

print this native? Fremontodendron mexicanum - Mexican fremontia

print this native? Gambelia juncea - baja bush snapdragon

print this native? Garrya elliptica - wavyleaf silktassel

print this native? Garrya flavescens - ashy silktassel

print this native? Garrya fremontii - bearbrush

print this native? Garrya wrightii - Wright silktassel

print this native? Gaultheria procumbens - teaberry

print this native? Gaultheria shallon - salal

print this native? Gaylussacia spp. - huckleberry

print this native? Gelsemium rankinii - swamp jessamine

print this native? Gelsemium sempervirens - false jessamine

print this native? Ginkgo biloba - ginkgo

print this native? Gleditsia aquatica - waterlocust

print this native? Gleditsia triacanthos - honeylocust     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Gordonia lasianthus - loblolly bay

print this native? Guaiacum angustifolium - soapbush

print this native? Guaiacum coulteri - guayacan

print this native? Gymnocladus dioicus - Kentucky coffeetree

print this native? Halesia diptera - two-wing silverbell

print this native? Halesia tetraptera - silverbell

print this native? Hamamelis vernalis - vernal witch-hazel

print this native? Hamamelis virginiana - witch-hazel

print this native? Hamamelis xintermedia - witch-hazel

print this native? Hedera helix - English ivy

print this native? Heptacodium miconoides - seven sons flower

print this native? Heteromeles arbutifolia - toyon

print this native? Hibiscus syriacus - rose-of-sharon

print this native? Holodiscus discolor - oceanspray

print this native? Holodiscus dumosus - bush oceanspray

print this native? Hovenia dulcis - Japanese raisintree

print this native? Hydrangea anomala - climbing hydrangea

print this native? Hydrangea arborescens - wild hydrangea

print this native? Hydrangea macrophylla - bigleaf hydrangea

print this native? Hydrangea paniculata - panicle hydrangea

print this native? Hydrangea quercifolia - oakleaf hydrangea

print this native? Hypericum spp. - Saint Johnswort

print this native? Hyptis emoryi - desert lavender

print this native? Ilex amelanchier - sarvis holly

print this native? Ilex cassine - dahoon

print this native? Ilex coriacea - large gallberry

print this native? Ilex cornuta - Chinese holly

print this native? Ilex crenata - Japanese holly

print this native? Ilex decidua - deciduous holly

print this native? Ilex glabra - inkberry

print this native? Ilex montana - mountain holly

print this native? Ilex myrtifolia - myrtle holly

print this native? Ilex opaca - American holly

print this native? Ilex purpurea - Oriental holly

print this native? Ilex verticillata - winterberry holly

print this native? Ilex vomitoria - yaupon

print this native? Ilex xattenuata - Foster's holly

print this native? Illicium floridanum - Florida anise tree

print this native? Itea virginica - sweetspire

print this native? Iva frutescens - marsh-elder

print this native? Iva hayesiana - San Diego povertyweed

print this native? Jacaranda mimosifolia - jacaranda

print this native? Jamesia americana - fivepetal cliffbush

print this native? Jasminum nudiflorum - winter jasmine

print this native? Jatropha cuneata - limberbush

print this native? Juglans californica - California black walnut

print this native? Juglans cinerea - butternut

print this native? Juglans hindsii - Hind's black walnut

print this native? Juglans major - Arizona walnut

print this native? Juglans microcarpa - little walnut

print this native? Juglans nigra - black walnut     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Juglans regia - English walnut

print this native? Kalmia angustifolia - sheep laurel

print this native? Kalmia latifolia - mountain laurel

print this native? Kalmia microphylla - alpine laurel

print this native? Kalmia polifolia - bog laurel

print this native? Koeberlinia spinosa - allthorn

print this native? Koelreuteria paniculata - goldenraintree

print this native? Kolkwitzia amabilis - beautybush

print this native? Krameria grayi - white ratany

print this native? Laburnum xwatereri - goldenchain tree

print this native? Lagerstroemia indica - crapemyrtle

print this native? Lagunaria patersonii - Norfolk Island hibiscus

print this native? Laguncularia racemosa - white mangrove

print this native? Larrea tridentata - creosote bush

print this native? Laurus nobilis - laurel

print this native? Lavatera assurgentiflora - island mallow

print this native? Ledum groenlandicum - Labrador tea

print this native? Leitneria floridana - corkwood

print this native? Leucaena retusa - littleleaf leadtree

print this native? Leucothoe axillaris - coast leucothoe

print this native? Ligustrum amurense - Amur privet

print this native? Ligustrum japonicum - Japanese privet

print this native? Ligustrum obtusifolium - border privet

print this native? Lindera benzoin - spicebush

print this native? Linnaea borealis - twinflower

print this native? Lippia alba - verbena

print this native? Liquidambar styraciflua - sweetgum     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Liriodendron tulipifera - yellow-poplar     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Lonicera canadensis - American fly honeysuckle

print this native? Lonicera ciliosa - western trumpet honeysuckle

print this native? Lonicera conjugialis - purpleflower honeysuckle

print this native? Lonicera hispidula - pink honeysuckle

print this native? Lonicera involucrata - twinberry

print this native? Lonicera japonica - Japanese honeysuckle

print this native? Lonicera maackii - Amur honeysuckle

print this native? Lonicera morrowii - Morrow honeysuckle

print this native? Lonicera tatarica - Tatarian honeysuckle

print this native? Lonicera utahensis - red twinberry

print this native? Lonicera xbella - Belle's honeysuckle

print this native? Lupinus arboreus - yellow bush lupine

print this native? Lupinus chamissonis - dune lupine

print this native? Lycium andersonii - Anderson boxthorn

print this native? Lycium brevipes - Baja desert-thorn

print this native? Lycium fremontii - Fremont's desert-thorn

print this native? Lyonia ferruginea - staggerbush

print this native? Lyonia ligustrina - maleberry

print this native? Lyonia lucida - fetterbush lyonia

print this native? Lyonothamnus floribundus - lyon tree

print this native? Lysiloma candidum - palo blanco

print this native? Lysiloma watsonii - desertfern

print this native? Maclura pomifera - osage-orange

print this native? Magnolia acuminata - cucumbertree

print this native? Magnolia ashei - Ashe magnolia

print this native? Magnolia fraseri - Fraser magnolia

print this native? Magnolia grandiflora - southern magnolia

print this native? Magnolia macrophylla - bigleaf magnolia

print this native? Magnolia pyramidata - pyramid magnolia

print this native? Magnolia stellata - star magnolia

print this native? Magnolia tripetala - umbrella magnolia

print this native? Magnolia virginiana - sweetbay magnolia

print this native? Magnolia xsoulangiana - saucer magnolia

print this native? Mahonia aquifolium - tall Oregon-grape

print this native? Mahonia fremontii - Fremont barberry

print this native? Mahonia haematocarpa - red barberry

print this native? Mahonia nervosa - dwarf Oregon-grape

print this native? Mahonia nevinii - Nevine's barberry

print this native? Mahonia repens - creeping mahonia

print this native? Malosma laurina - laurel sumac

print this native? Malus fusca - Oregon crabapple

print this native? Malus spp. - apple

print this native? Melaleuca linariifolia - flaxleaf paperbark

print this native? Melaleuca quinquenervia - melaleuca

print this native? Melia azedarach - Chinaberry

print this native? Menziesia ferruginea - false azalea

print this native? Metasequoia glyptostroboides - dawn redwood

print this native? Mimosa aculeaticarpa - catclaw mimosa

print this native? Mitchella repens - partridgeberry

print this native? Morella californica - Pacific waxmyrtle

print this native? Morella cerifera - waxmyrtle

print this native? Morella inodora - odorless bayberry

print this native? Morella pensylvanica - northern bayberry

print this native? Morus alba - white mulberry

print this native? Morus microphylla - Texas mulberry

print this native? Morus rubra - red mulberry

print this native? Myrica gale - sweetgale

print this native? Myrtus communis - myrtle

print this native? Nandina domestica - heavenly bamboo

print this native? Nerium oleander - oleander

print this native? Neviusia alabamensis - Alabama snow-wreath

print this native? Nicotiana rustica - Aztec tobacco

print this native? Notholithocarpus densiflorus - tanoak

print this native? Nyssa aquatica - water tupelo     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Nyssa biflora - swamp tupelo

print this native? Nyssa ogeche - Ogeechee tupelo

print this native? Nyssa sylvatica - blackgum     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Oemleria cerasiformis - Indian-plum

print this native? Olea europaea - olive

print this native? Olneya tesota - desert ironwood

print this native? Oplopanax horridus - Devilsclub

print this native? Osmanthus americanus - devilwood

print this native? Osteomeles anthyllidifolia - Hawaii hawthorne

print this native? Ostrya virginiana - hophornbeam

print this native? Oxydendrum arboreum - sourwood

print this native? Pachycormus discolor - torote blanco

print this native? Pachysandra terminalis - Japanese pachysandra

print this native? Parkinsonia aculeata - Jerusalem thorn

print this native? Parkinsonia florida - blue paloverde

print this native? Parkinsonia microphylla - yellow paloverde

print this native? Parrotia persica - Persian ironwood

print this native? Parthenium argentatum - guayule

print this native? Parthenocissus quinquefolia - Virginia creeper

print this native? Parthenocissus tricuspidata - Boston ivy

print this native? Paulownia fortunei - dragon tree

print this native? Paulownia tomentosa - royal paulownia

print this native? Paxistima myrsinites - false box

print this native? Penstemon ellipticus - rocky ledge penstemon

print this native? Persea borbonia - redbay

print this native? Persea palustris - swampbay

print this native? Petrophytum caespitosum - rockmat

print this native? Phellodendron amurense - Amur corktree

print this native? Philadelphus coronarius - mockorange

print this native? Philadelphus inodorus - scentless mockorange

print this native? Philadelphus lewisii - mockorange

print this native? Philadelphus pubescens - hoary mockorange

print this native? Photinia melanocarpa - black chokeberry

print this native? Photinia pyrifolia - chokeberry

print this native? Photinia xfraseri - red tips

print this native? Physocarpus capitatus - ninebark

print this native? Physocarpus malvaceus - mallow ninebark

print this native? Physocarpus monogynus - mountain ninebark

print this native? Physocarpus opulifolius - common ninebark

print this native? Pieris floribunda - mountain pieris

print this native? Pieris japonica - Japanese pieris

print this native? Pinckneya bracteata - fevertree

print this native? Pistacia chinensis - Chinese pistache

print this native? Planera aquatica - water elm

print this native? Platanus occidentalis - American sycamore     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Platanus racemosa - California sycamore

print this native? Platanus wrightii - Arizona sycamore

print this native? Platanus xhispanica - London plane tree

print this native? Pluchea sericea - arrow-weed

print this native? Podocarpus gracilior - fern pine

print this native? Podocarpus macrophyllus - shrubby yew

print this native? Poliomintha incana - rosemary mint

print this native? Poncirus trifoliata - trifoliate orange

print this native? Populus alba - European white poplar

print this native? Populus angustifolia - narrowleaf cottonwood

print this native? Populus balsamifera ssp. balsamifera - balsam poplar     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa - black cottonwood     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Populus deltoides - eastern cottonwood     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Populus fremontii - Fremont cottonwood

print this native? Populus grandidentata - bigtooth aspen     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Populus heterophylla - swamp cottonwood

print this native? Populus nigra var. Italica - Lombardy poplar

print this native? Populus tremuloides - quaking aspen     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Prosopis glandulosa - honey mesquite

print this native? Prosopis pubescens - screwbean mesquite

print this native? Prosopis velutina - velvet mesquite

print this native? Prunus americana - American plum

print this native? Prunus angustifolia - Chickasaw plum

print this native? Prunus avium - sweet cherry

print this native? Prunus caroliniana - Carolina laurelcherry

print this native? Prunus cerasifera - purple leaf plum

print this native? Prunus cerasus - sour cherry

print this native? Prunus emarginata - bitter cherry

print this native? Prunus fremontii - desert apricot

print this native? Prunus ilicifolia - hollyleaf cherry

print this native? Prunus laurocerasus - cherrylaurel

print this native? Prunus maritima - beach plum

print this native? Prunus mexicana - Mexican plum

print this native? Prunus pensylvanica - fire cherry     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Prunus persica - peach

print this native? Prunus sargentii - Sargent cherry

print this native? Prunus serotina - black cherry     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Prunus serrula - birch bark cherry

print this native? Prunus serrulata - Kwanzan cherry

print this native? Prunus subcordata - Klamath plum

print this native? Prunus subhirtella - Higan cherry

print this native? Prunus virginiana - choke cherry

print this native? Prunus xyedoensis - Yoshino cherry

print this native? Pseudocydonia sinensis - Chinese-quince

print this native? Psilostrophe cooperi - paper-daisy

print this native? Psorothamnus fremontii - Fremont's dalea

print this native? Psorothamnus schottii - Schott indigobush

print this native? Psorothamnus spinosus - desert smoke tree

print this native? Ptelea trifoliata - hoptree

print this native? Pueraria montana - kudzu

print this native? Punica granatum - pomegranate

print this native? Purshia stansburiana - Stansbury cliffrose

print this native? Purshia tridentata - bitterbrush

print this native? Pyracantha coccinea - scarlet firethorn

print this native? Pyrularia pubera - buffalo nut

print this native? Pyrus calleryana - Callery pear

print this native? Pyrus communis - common pear

print this native? Quercus acutissima - sawtooth oak

print this native? Quercus agrifolia - coast live oak

print this native? Quercus alba - white oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus arizonica - Arizona white oak

print this native? Quercus austrina - bluff oak

print this native? Quercus berberidifolia - scrub oak

print this native? Quercus bicolor - swamp white oak

print this native? Quercus chrysolepis - canyon live oak

print this native? Quercus coccinea - scarlet oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus douglasii - blue oak

print this native? Quercus dumosa - Nuttall's scrub oak

print this native? Quercus ellipsoidalis - northern pin oak

print this native? Quercus emoryi - Emory oak

print this native? Quercus engelmannii - Engelmann oak

print this native? Quercus falcata - southern red oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus fusiformis - Texas live oak

print this native? Quercus gambelii - Gambel oak

print this native? Quercus garryana - Oregon white oak

print this native? Quercus georgiana - Georgia oak

print this native? Quercus grisea - gray oak

print this native? Quercus hemisphaerica - Darlington oak

print this native? Quercus hypoleucoides - silverleaf oak

print this native? Quercus ilicifolia - bear oak

print this native? Quercus imbricaria - shingle oak

print this native? Quercus incana - bluejack oak

print this native? Quercus kelloggii - California black oak

print this native? Quercus laevis - turkey oak

print this native? Quercus laurifolia - laurel oak

print this native? Quercus lobata - valley oak

print this native? Quercus lyrata - overcup oak

print this native? Quercus macrocarpa - bur oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus margarettae - sand post oak

print this native? Quercus marilandica - blackjack oak

print this native? Quercus michauxii - swamp chestnut oak

print this native? Quercus minima - running oak

print this native? Quercus montana - chestnut oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus muehlenbergii - chinkapin oak

print this native? Quercus nigra - water oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus oblongifolia - Mexican blue oak

print this native? Quercus oglethorpensis - Oglethorpe oak

print this native? Quercus pagoda - cherrybark oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus palustris - pin oak

print this native? Quercus phellos - willow oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus robur - English oak

print this native? Quercus rubra - northern red oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus rugosa - netleaf oak

print this native? Quercus sadleriana - deer oak

print this native? Quercus shumardii - Shumard oak

print this native? Quercus sinuata - Durand white oak

print this native? Quercus stellata - post oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus suber - cork oak

print this native? Quercus texana - Nuttall oak

print this native? Quercus tomentella - island live oak

print this native? Quercus turbinella - shrub live oak

print this native? Quercus velutina - black oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus virginiana - live oak     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Quercus wislizeni - interior live oak

print this native? Quillaja saponaria - soapbark

print this native? Rhamnus cathartica - common buckthorn

print this native? Rhamnus crocea - redberry

print this native? Rhamnus ilicifolia - hollyleaf redberry

print this native? Rhizophora mangle - red mangrove

print this native? Rhododendron albiflorum - white rhododendron

print this native? Rhododendron atlanticum - dwarf azalea

print this native? Rhododendron austrinum - Florida azalea

print this native? Rhododendron calendulaceum - flame azalea

print this native? Rhododendron canescens - swamp azalea

print this native? Rhododendron catawbiense - Catawba rhododendron

print this native? Rhododendron macrophyllum - Pacific rhododendron

print this native? Rhododendron maximum - great rhododendron

print this native? Rhododendron occidentale - western azalea

print this native? Rhododendron periclymenoides - pink azalea

print this native? Rhus aromatica - fragrant sumac

print this native? Rhus copallinum - shining sumac

print this native? Rhus glabra - smooth sumac

print this native? Rhus integrifolia - lemonade sumac

print this native? Rhus kearneyi - Kearney's sumac

print this native? Rhus lancea - African sumac

print this native? Rhus lanceolata - prairie sumac

print this native? Rhus lentii - lentisco

print this native? Rhus microphylla - littleleaf sumac

print this native? Rhus ovata - sugar sumac

print this native? Rhus trilobata - skunkbush sumac

print this native? Rhus typhina - staghorn sumac

print this native? Rhus virens - New Mexico evergreen sumac

print this native? Ribes acerifolium - mapleleaf currant

print this native? Ribes alpinum - mountain currant

print this native? Ribes aureum - golden currant

print this native? Ribes bracteosum - stink currant

print this native? Ribes cereum - wax currant

print this native? Ribes divaricatum - spreading gooseberry

print this native? Ribes lacustre - prickly currant

print this native? Ribes laxiflorum - trailing black currant

print this native? Ribes montigenum - mountain gooseberry

print this native? Ribes niveum - snow gooseberry

print this native? Ribes roezlii - Sierra gooseberry

print this native? Ribes rotundifolium - Appalachian gooseberry

print this native? Ribes sanguineum - red-flowering currant

print this native? Ribes viburnifolium - evergreen currant

print this native? Ribes viscosissimum - sticky currant

print this native? Robinia hispida - bristly locust

print this native? Robinia neomexicana - New Mexican locust

print this native? Robinia pseudoacacia - black locust     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Rosa canina - dog rose

print this native? Rosa gymnocarpa - little wood rose

print this native? Rosa minutifolia - small-leaved rose

print this native? Rosa multiflora - multiflora rose

print this native? Rosa nutkana - Nootka rose

print this native? Rosa pisocarpa - cluster rose

print this native? Rosa rubiginosa - sweetbriar rose

print this native? Rosa rugosa - rugosa rose

print this native? Rosa woodsii - Woods' rose

print this native? Rubus allegheniensis - Alleghany blackberry

print this native? Rubus argutus - prickly Florida blackberry

print this native? Rubus armeniacus - Himalaya blackberry

print this native? Rubus flagellaris - dewberry

print this native? Rubus hayata-koidzumii - creeping raspberry

print this native? Rubus idaeus - raspberry

print this native? Rubus laciniatus - evergreen blackberry

print this native? Rubus leucodermis - whitebark raspberry

print this native? Rubus occidentalis - black raspberry

print this native? Rubus odoratus - purple flowering raspberry

print this native? Rubus parviflorus - thimbleberry

print this native? Rubus pedatus - trailing raspberry

print this native? Rubus phoenicolasius - wine raspberry

print this native? Rubus spectabilis - salmonberry

print this native? Rubus ursinus - wild blackberry

print this native? Salix alba - white willow

print this native? Salix babylonica - weeping willow

print this native? Salix bebbiana - Bebb's willow

print this native? Salix discolor - pussy willow

print this native? Salix exigua - sandbar willow

print this native? Salix gooddingii - Goodding's willow

print this native? Salix hookeriana - dune willow

print this native? Salix lasiolepis - arroyo willow

print this native? Salix lemmonii - Lemmon's willow

print this native? Salix lucida - shining willow

print this native? Salix lutea - yellow willow

print this native? Salix matsudana - corkscrew willow

print this native? Salix nigra - black willow     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Salix prolixa - MacKenzie's willow

print this native? Salix purpurea - purpleosier willow

print this native? Salix scouleriana - Scouler willow

print this native? Salix sitchensis - Sitka willow

print this native? Salvia apiana - white sage

print this native? Salvia clevelandii - fragrant sage

print this native? Salvia leucophylla - purple sage

print this native? Salvia mellifera - black sage

print this native? Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis - American elderberry

print this native? Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea - blue elderberry

print this native? Sambucus racemosa - red elderberry

print this native? Sapindus saponaria - soapberry

print this native? Sassafras albidum - sassafras     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Schinus molle - peppertree

print this native? Schinus terebinthifolius - Brazilian peppertree

print this native? Sciadopitys verticillata - umbrella pine

print this native? Senna hebecarpa - American senna

print this native? Sequoia sempervirens - redwood     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Sequoiadendron giganteum - giant sequoia     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Sesbania punicea - rattlebox

print this native? Shepherdia argentea - silver buffaloberry

print this native? Shepherdia canadensis - buffaloberry

print this native? Shepherdia rotundifolia - roundleaf buffaloberry

print this native? Sideroxylon lanuginosum - gum bumelia

print this native? Sideroxylon lycioides - buckthorn bumelia

print this native? Simmondsia chinensis - jojoba

print this native? Smilax bona-nox - saw greenbrier

print this native? Smilax glauca - catbrier

print this native? Smilax laurifolia - laurel greenbrier

print this native? Smilax rotundifolia - common greenbrier

print this native? Smilax tamnoides - bristly greenbrier

print this native? Solanum dulcamara - bitter nightshade

print this native? Sophora secundiflora - mescal bean

print this native? Sorbus alnifolia - Korean mountain-ash

print this native? Sorbus americana - American mountain-ash

print this native? Sorbus aucuparia - European mountain-ash

print this native? Sorbus decora - showy mountain-ash

print this native? Sorbus scopulina - Greene's mountain-ash

print this native? Sorbus sitchensis - Sitka mountain-ash

print this native? Sphaeralcea ambigua - desert globemallow

print this native? Spiraea alba var. alba - narrowleaf spiraea

print this native? Spiraea alba var. latifolia - meadowsweet

print this native? Spiraea betulifolia - white spiraea

print this native? Spiraea douglasii - Douglas spiraea

print this native? Spiraea japonica - Japanese spiraea

print this native? Spiraea splendens - rose meadowsweet

print this native? Staphylea trifolia - bladdernut

print this native? Stewartia ovata - mountain-camellia

print this native? Stewartia spp. - stewartia

print this native? Styphnolobium affine - Texas sophora

print this native? Styphnolobium japonicum - Japanese pagoda tree

print this native? Styrax americanus - American snowbell

print this native? Styrax japonicus - Japanese snowbell

print this native? Swietenia mahagoni - West Indies mahogany

print this native? Symphoricarpos albus - snowberry

print this native? Symphoricarpos mollis - creeping snowberry

print this native? Symphoricarpos orbiculatus - coralberry

print this native? Symplocos tinctoria - common sweetleaf

print this native? Syringa reticulata - Japanese tree lilac

print this native? Syringa villosa - late lilac

print this native? Syringa vulgaris - common lilac

print this native? Tabebuia aurea - Caribbean trumpet-tree

print this native? Tamarix aphylla - athel tamarisk

print this native? Tamarix chinensis - saltcedar

print this native? Tamarix gallica - tamarisk

print this native? Tamarix parviflora - smallflower tamarisk

print this native? Taxodium ascendens - pondcypress

print this native? Taxodium distichum - baldcypress     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Tecoma stans - yellow bells

print this native? Tetradium daniellii - Korean evodia

print this native? Tilia americana - American basswood     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Tilia cordata - littleleaf linden

print this native? Tilia petiolaris - silver linden

print this native? Toxicodendron diversilobum - Pacific poisonoak

print this native? Toxicodendron pubescens - poison-oak

print this native? Toxicodendron radicans - poison-ivy

print this native? Toxicodendron vernix - poison sumac

print this native? Triadica sebifera - Chinese tallow tree

print this native? Ulex europaeus - common gorse

print this native? Ulmus alata - winged elm

print this native? Ulmus americana - American elm     Landowner Factsheet

print this native? Ulmus crassifolia - cedar elm

print this native? Ulmus parvifolia - Chinese elm

print this native? Ulmus procera - field elm

print this native? Ulmus pumila - Siberian elm

print this native? Ulmus rubra - slippery elm

print this native? Umbellularia californica - California-laurel

print this native? Ungnadia speciosa - Mexican buckeye

print this native? Vaccinium arboreum - sparkleberry

print this native? Vaccinium cespitosum - dwarf bilberry

print this native? Vaccinium corymbosum - highbush blueberry

print this native? Vaccinium deliciosum - Cascade bilberry

print this native? Vaccinium elliottii - Elliott's blueberry

print this native? Vaccinium macrocarpon - cranberry

print this native? Vaccinium membranaceum - big huckleberry

print this native? Vaccinium myrtilloides - velvet-leaf blueberry

print this native? Vaccinium myrtillus - bilberry

print this native? Vaccinium ovalifolium - ovalleaf huckleberry

print this native? Vaccinium ovatum - evergreen huckleberry

print this native? Vaccinium oxycoccos - small cranberry

print this native? Vaccinium pallidum - lowbush blueberry

print this native? Vaccinium parvifolium - red huckleberry

print this native? Vaccinium scoparium - grouse whortleberry

print this native? Vaccinium stamineum - deerberry

print this native? Vaccinium uliginosum - bog blueberry

print this native? Vaccinium vitis-idaea - lingonberry

print this native? Vauquelinia californica - Arizona rosewood

print this native? Vernicia fordii - tungoil tree

print this native? Viburnum acerifolium - mapleleaf viburnum

print this native? Viburnum carlesii - Koreanspice viburnum

print this native? Viburnum dentatum - arrowwood

print this native? Viburnum dilatatum - linden viburnum

print this native? Viburnum edule - squashberry

print this native? Viburnum ellipticum - western viburnum

print this native? Viburnum lantana - wayfaringtree viburnum

print this native? Viburnum lantanoides - hobblebush

print this native? Viburnum lentago - nannyberry

print this native? Viburnum nudum - possumhaw viburnum

print this native? Viburnum opulus var. americanum - highbush-cranberry

print this native? Viburnum opulus var. opulus - European cranberrybush viburnum

print this native? Viburnum plicatum - doublefile viburnum

print this native? Viburnum prunifolium - blackhaw

print this native? Viburnum rhytidophyllum - leatherleaf viburnum

print this native? Viburnum rufidulum - rusty blackhaw

print this native? Viburnum xburkwoodii - Burkwood viburnum

print this native? Viguiera laciniata - San Diego sunflower

print this native? Vinca minor - periwinkle

print this native? Vitex agnus-castus - lilac chastetree

print this native? Vitex negundo - chastetree

print this native? Vitex rotundifolia - beach vitex

print this native? Vitis aestivalis - summer grape

print this native? Vitis rotundifolia - muscadine grape

print this native? Weigela florida - old fashioned weigela

print this native? Wisteria floribunda - Japanese wisteria

print this native? Wisteria sinensis - Chinese wisteria

print this native? Wollemia nobilis - Wollemi-pine

print this native? Xanthorhiza simplicissima - yellowroot

print this native? Zanthoxylum clava-herculis - pricklyash

print this native? Zelkova serrata - Japanese zelkova

print this native? Ziziphus obtusifolia - lotebush


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