Twig Key

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It could be one of the species in the table below.


Family Genus Species common name
Betulaceae Alnus glutinosa European black alder
Betulaceae Alnus rhombifolia white alder
Betulaceae Alnus rubra red alder
Betulaceae Alnus rugosa speckled alder
Betulaceae Alnus serrulata hazel alder
Betulaceae Alnus sinuata Sitka alder
Fagaceae Castanea dentata American chestnut
Fagaceae Castanea mollissima Chinese chestnut
Fagaceae Castanea pumila Alleghany chinkapin
Moraceae Morus rubra red mulberry
Ulmaceae Ulmus alata winged elm
Ulmaceae Ulmus americana American elm
Ulmaceae Ulmus rubra slippery elm
Ulmaceae Ulmus thomasii rock elm
Ulmaceae Zelkova serrata Japanese zelkova


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