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So far you have made the following choices..

It could be one of the species in the table below. Let's narrow our choices based on leaf arrangement.
arranged in a rounded or 4-sided pattern
arranged in flattened sprays

Possible matches:
Adenostoma sparsifolium - redshanks
Araucaria araucana - monkeypuzzle tree
Callitropsis nootkatensis - Alaska yellow-cedar
Calocedrus decurrens - incense-cedar
Cassiope mertensiana - white mountain heather
Casuarina equisetifolia - Australian pine
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Port-Orford-cedar
Chamaecyparis obtusa - Hinoki falsecypress
Chamaecyparis pisifera - Sawara-cedar
Chamaecyparis thyoides - Atlantic white-cedar
Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese cryptomeria
Cupressus sempervirens - Italian cypress
Ephedra spp. - Mormon-tea
Hesperocyparis arizonica - Arizona cypress
Hesperocyparis bakeri - Baker cypress
Hesperocyparis forbesii - Tecate cypress
Hesperocyparis macrocarpa - Monterey cypress
Juniperus californica - California juniper
Juniperus chinensis - Chinese juniper
Juniperus communis - common juniper
Juniperus conferta - shore juniper
Juniperus deppeana - alligator juniper
Juniperus horizontalis - creeping juniper
Juniperus monosperma - oneseed juniper
Juniperus occidentalis - western juniper
Juniperus osteosperma - Utah juniper
Juniperus pinchotii - redberry juniper
Juniperus procumbens - Ibuki juniper
Juniperus scopulorum - Rocky Mountain juniper
Juniperus virginiana - eastern redcedar
Platycladus orientalis - Oriental arborvitae
Sequoia sempervirens - redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum - giant sequoia
Tamarix aphylla - athel tamarisk
Tamarix chinensis - saltcedar
Tamarix gallica - tamarisk
Tamarix parviflora - smallflower tamarisk
Taxodium ascendens - pondcypress
Thuja occidentalis - northern white-cedar
Thuja plicata - western redcedar
Thujopsis dolabrata - false arborvitae
xHesperotropsis leylandii - Leyland cypress


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