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It could be one of the species in the table below.

Possible Matches:

Family Genus Species common name
Caprifoliaceae Abelia x grandiflora glossy abelia
Caprifoliaceae Diervilla lonicera northern bush-honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Viburnum alnifolium hobblebush
Caprifoliaceae Viburnum dentatum arrowwood
Caprifoliaceae Viburnum lentago nannyberry
Caprifoliaceae Viburnum plicatum doublefile viburnum
Caprifoliaceae Viburnum prunifolium blackhaw
Caprifoliaceae Viburnum rufidulum rusty blackhaw
Caprifoliaceae Weigela florida old fashioned weigela
Celastraceae Euonymus alatus winged euonymus
Celastraceae Euonymus americanus strawberry bush
Celastraceae Euonymus atropurpureus Eastern wahoo
Cercidiphyllaceae Cercidiphyllum japonicum katsuratree
Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea anomala climbing hydrangea
Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea arborescens wild hydrangea
Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea macrophylla bigleaf hydrangea
Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea paniculata panicle hydrangea
Hydrangeaceae Philadelphus coronarius mockorange
Hydrangeaceae Philadelphus lewisii mockorange
Loganiaceae Buddleia davidii butterfly-bush
Moraceae Broussonetia papyrifera paper mulberry
Oleaceae Forsythia spp. forsythia
Verbenaceae Callicarpa americana American beautyberry

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