Leaf Key

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It could be one of the species in the table below. Let's narrow our choices by looking at the leaf tip.



Possible Matches:

Family Genus Species common name
Aquifoliaceae Ilex decidua deciduous holly
Aquifoliaceae Ilex verticillata winterberry holly
Betulaceae Alnus rhombifolia white alder
Betulaceae Alnus rubra red alder
Betulaceae Alnus serrulata hazel alder
Betulaceae Betula lenta sweet birch
Celastraceae Celastrus spp. bittersweet
Ericaceae Leucothoe racemosa swamp sweetbells
Ericaceae Oxydendrum arboreum sourwood
Ericaceae Vaccinium membranaceum big huckleberry
Grossulariaceae Itea virginica sweetspire
Rhamnaceae Ceanothus americanus New Jersey tea
Rhamnaceae Ceanothus integerrimus deerbrush
Rhamnaceae Ceanothus sanguineus redstem ceanothus
Rhamnaceae Ceanothus velutinus snowbrush
Rhamnaceae Rhamnus purshiana Cascara buckthorn
Rosaceae Amelanchier alnifolia Pacific serviceberry
Rosaceae Amelanchier arborea serviceberry
Rosaceae Aronia arbutifolia chokeberry
Rosaceae Chaenomeles speciosa common floweringquince
Rosaceae Crataegus spp. hawthorn
Rosaceae Malus spp. apple
Rosaceae Prunus cerasifera purple leaf plum
Rosaceae Pyracantha coccinea scarlet firethorn
Rosaceae Pyrus calleryana callery pear
Rosaceae Pyrus communis common pear
Rosaceae Spiraea latifolia broadleaf spirea
Salicaceae Populus heterophylla swamp cottonwood
Salicaceae Populus tremuloides quaking aspen
Salicaceae Populus trichocarpa black cottonwood
Salicaceae Salix discolor pussy willow
Styracaceae Halesia carolina silverbell
Styracaceae Styrax japonicus Japanese snowbell
Theaceae Stewartia spp. stewartia

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