Leaf Key

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It could be one of the species in the table below.

Possible Matches:

Family Genus Species common name
Anacardiaceae Rhus glabra smooth sumac
Anacardiaceae Rhus typhina staghorn sumac
Berberidaceae Berberis aquifolium tall Oregon-grape
Berberidaceae Berberis nervosa dwarf Oregon-grape
Juglandaceae Carya aquatica water hickory
Juglandaceae Carya cordiformis bitternut hickory
Juglandaceae Carya glabra pignut hickory
Juglandaceae Carya illinoensis pecan
Juglandaceae Carya laciniosa shellbark hickory
Juglandaceae Carya ovata shagbark hickory
Juglandaceae Carya pallida sand hickory
Juglandaceae Carya tomentosa mockernut hickory
Juglandaceae Juglans cinerea butternut
Juglandaceae Juglans nigra black walnut
Rosaceae Rosa multiflora multiflora rose
Rosaceae Rosa rugosa rugosa rose
Rosaceae Rubus idaeus raspberry
Rosaceae Sorbus americana American mountain-ash
Rosaceae Sorbus aucuparia European mountain-ash
Rosaceae Sorbus sitchensis Sitka mountain-ash
Simaroubaceae Ailanthus altissima tree-of-Heaven

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