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bladderpod spiderflower Capparaceae Cleome isomeris Greene Listen to the Latin symbol: CLIS
Leaf: Alternate, simple or compound (trifoliate), evergreen, leaflets or leaves are elliptical, 1/2 to 1 inch long, arching and creased along midvein with each side bending upwards, gray green, pungent smelling.
Flower: Very attractive, 1 inch across, dark yellow petals and long, graceful stamens; occur in large tight clusters in winter and early spring but can occur throughout the year.
Fruit: Ellptical hanging (stalks up to 1 inch long), inflated capsules, 1 to 2 inches long, light green and glaucus, later turning light brown, ripen throughout the year.
Twig: Stout gray-green.
Bark: Light gray, with irregular very shallow fissures.
Form: Heavily branched, sprawling shrub up to 8 feet tall.
leaf flower fruit twig bark form1 map
Additional Range Information: Cleome isomeris is native to North America. Range may be expanded by planting. See states reporting bladderpod spiderflower.
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