Virginia Tech Dendrology

supplejack Rhamnaceae Berchemia scandens (Hill) K. Koch Listen to the Latin symbol: BESC
Leaf: Alternate, simple, strongly pinnately veined, finely serrated or entire, elliptical, 2 to 4 inches long, green above.
Flower: Small, light green, appear in late spring to early summer.
Fruit: Dark blue, oblong, 1/4 inch across.
Twig: Slender, glabrous, mottled with gray, brown, red and green, raised leaf scars, small, sharp buds hug twig.
Bark: Smooth, grays and greens, often mottled.
Form: Large twining, climbing vine, main stem can be 5 to 7 inches across.
Looks like: Dutchman's pipe - Oriental bittersweet
leaf flower fruit twig bark form1 map
Additional Range Information: Berchemia scandens is native to North America. Range may be expanded by planting. See states reporting supplejack.
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