gumbo-limbo Burseraceae Bursera simaruba (L.) Sarg. Listen to the Latin symbol: BUSI Other Fact Sheets
Leaf: Alternate, pinnately compound, 8 to 12 inches, 7 to 9 leaflets, shiny dark green above, paler below.
Flower: Very small, green, in spike-like clusters.
Fruit: In clusters (2 to 5 inches long), individuals football-shaped, red, 1/2 inch long.
Twig: Moderate, light brown, numerous lenticels, raised, heart-shaped leaf scars, buds are short and round.
Bark: Orange brown, peeling to reveal olive green beneath, smells of turpentine.
Form: Medium sized tree up to 60 feet, round crown, large limbs.
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Additional Range Information:
Bursera simaruba is native to North America.
Range may be expanded by planting.
See states reporting gumbo-limbo.
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