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winged elm Ulmus alata

Winged elm is a small tree of the southeast that can be found on a variety of sites

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Winged elm is considered a pest when trying to grow more valuable trees. It tends to invade fields and cut-over areas.

Found on dry sites and abandoned fields, and a common streamside tree throughout the southeast.


A small to medium sized tree with a rounded crown.

Timber Value
Technically a hard elm, the wood is mixed with other elms when the stems are large enough for sale. Elm wood is used for furniture and flooring.

Wildlife Value
Winged elm fruit is eaten by a variety of birds. Deer browse young trees.
Attracts birds, deer

Insects and Diseases

Fun Facts
Occasionally planted as a street tree, winged elm is a common but commercially unimportant component of southern forests.

Latin Meaning
Ulmus: Latin name / alata: winged (twigs)

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