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Pawpaw is a small tree that is best known for producing banana-like edible fruits.

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Pawpaw is rarely intentionally regenerated, in fact it can be considered a thicket-forming pest when trying to grow more desirable species.

Found in cool moist areas, often along streams or moist road sides. It is often found in the understory.


A small tree up to 40 feet tall, 12 inches in diameter, often found in growing in small clusters.

Timber Value
Pawpaw is not large enough to be considered a timber tree.

Wildlife Value
The large fruits are eaten by a variety of animals.
Attracts raccoons, foxes, opossums, squirrels, bears, and humans

Insects and Diseases

Fun Facts
The fleshy "banana-like" fruit is edible, altough some people react badly. Wildlife relish the fruit and large flat seeds inside.

Latin Meaning
Asimina: native Indian name (assimin) / triloba: 3-lobed calyx

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