athel tamarisk Tamaricaceae Tamarix aphylla

Leaf:Alternate, evergreen, very small, 1/16 inch and scale-like, gray-green.
Flower:Small (1/8 inch), light pink to lavender, numerous and occurring in narrow clusters at the ends of twigs, very attractive in bloom, appearing in spring and summer.
Fruit:Small (1/4 inch long), dry, pointed capsule containing numerous cottony seeds, maturing in late summer.
Twig:Slender, drooping, covered in scale-like foliage.
Bark:Smooth, gray or reddish brown when young, later develops flat ridges and reddish furrows, becomes very coarse and furrowed on large specimens.
Form:An upright tree with drooping twigs reaching up to 60 feet tall, dense spreading crown with several heavy large limbs.

leaf flower twig bark form map