trumpet honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae Lonicera sempervirens

Leaf:Evergreen, but deciduous in the northern parts of its range, opposite, simple, broadly lanceolate to oval, 2 inches long, green to blue-green above with whitish bloom below, margins are entire; terminal pairs near the inflorescence fused into a single nearly round disk .
Flower:Showy and Scarlet red, narrowly trumpet-shaped with 5 small lobes at the opening, 2 inches long; borne in 1-4 whorls above the terminal leaf disk; appearing in summer.
Fruit:Orange-red translucent 1/4 inch berries with several seeds; occur in small bunches above the terminal leaf disk.
Twig:Thin and vine-like; commonly twist around one another; hollow; pale purple-brown; covered with fine pubescence.
Bark:Thin, reddish-brown, and often shreddy.
Form:A twining vine up to 20 feet long.

leaf flower fruit twig form map