white oak
(Quercus alba L.)
Tree Number 260 in the VT Campus Tree Inventory

Location: Between Seitz Hall and West Campus Drive; GPS: 37.224529, -80.423874

  • DBH 52 inches
  • Crown Spread 75 feet
  • Height 85 feet
  • Description: This white oak is the fourth largest tree on campus, and is remarkable for its age. It is probably the only native tree on the inventoried half of campus. Similar white oaks near the Duck Pond are 400+ years old. White oaks are very long-lived and are a very important component of our local forests. They are reknowned for quality wood, acorn production for wildlife, and picturesque stature in old age. An interesting side-note: the wood is used for "tight cooperage" - commonly for whiskey barrels.

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