European weeping beech
(Fagus sylvatica L. 'Pendula')
Tree Number 1390 in the VT Campus Tree Inventory

Location: To the right of the east entrance (Cassell side) of Ambler-Johnson Hall; GPS: 37.223347, -80.420643

  • DBH 25 inches
  • Crown 45 feet
  • Height 40 feet
  • Description: European beech is a very common component of European forests, where it is grown for timber production. It has long been planted as an ornamental, and several varieties have been developed, including the popular weeping form that can be seen next to AJ. This tree is very striking, with long banches that dangle to the ground. As with many varieties, weeping European beech is propagated by grafting the top onto a "wild" European beech rootstock.

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