American sycamore
(Platanus occidentalis L.)
Tree Number 3275 in the VT Campus Tree Inventory

Location: On the corner of Main Street and College Ave.; GPS: -80.41575, 37.230556

  • DBH 56 inches
  • Crown Spread 100+ feet
  • Height 90 feet
  • Special Note: This notable campus tree was removed for construction of the Theatre Arts Building.

    Description: At 56 inches in diameter and 90 feet tall, this is the largest tree on campus. This is not unusual for sycamore. They are one of the largest trees of eastern US forests, and they grow so rapidly that they are used for biomass farming. Common to bottomlands (look for them along the New River) and other disturbed sites, this tree may have started growing when Stroubles Creek was not buried... or this fast-growing tree may be deceptively young. Sycamores are common ornamental trees that are planted for their toughness and eye-catching bark.

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