overcup oak
(Quercus lyrata Walter)
Tree Number 811 in the VT Campus Tree Inventory

Location: West Campus Dr. side of Fralin front door; GPS: 37.223949, -80.423723

  • DBH 25 inches
  • Crown Spread 40 feet
  • Height 45 feet
  • Description: Overcup oak is an uncommon ornamental tree that is not native to southwest Virginia. It is called overcup for the acorn cap that nearly encloses the nut. It is naturally found growing slowly in bottomlands across the southeast, and is tolerant of heavy clay soils and prolonged flooding. The large acorns are a preferred food for wildlife. An interesting side-note: whereas most white oak acorns germinate immediately after dropping in the fall, overcup oak germinates after flood waters recede in the spring.

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