Hankow willow
(Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa' Koidzumi)
Tree Numbers 214-217 in the VT Campus Tree Inventory

Location: On the drillfield, across from Williams Hall; GPS: 37.227713, -80.423657

  • DBH 26 inches
  • Crown Spread 20 feet
  • Height 35 feet
  • Description: This clump of four trees is easily overlooked because attention is usually given to their neighbor, the giant bur oak. Although willows are relatively short-lived, this varity is planted for its eye-catching twisted texture. It is also used in floral arrangements and as a bonsai. If you do choose to plant one in your yard, give them plenty of room and avoid sewer systems. Willows have notoriously invasive root systems. Salix matsudana is named for Japanese botanist Sadahisa Matsudo.

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