Dutch elm
(Ulmus x hollandica)
Tree Number 2165 in the VT Campus Tree Inventory

Location: Between Rasche Hall and the Mall; GPS: 37.23032, -80.41884

  • DBH 62 inches
  • Crown Spread 116 feet
  • Height 77 feet
  • Description: This is a big tree... it has the second-largest stem diameter on campus. The crown of this beautiful elm is wider than it is tall - in fact, it takes up nearly a quarter of the quad in which it was planted. This tree was long thought to be Ulmus americana, but was proclaimed as Ulmus x hollandica by Tom Wieboldt, Curator of Vascular Plants at the Massey Herbarium, after close examination of the seeds. Dutch elm disease dealt a harsh blow to American elms, killing many and severely limiting their use as an ornamental tree. This elm appears to be un-afflicted by Dutch elm disease.

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    Dutch elm form


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