(Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco )
Tree Number 845 in the VT Campus Tree Inventory

Location: Northwest corner of Cheatham Hall; GPS: 37.224041, -80.422867

  • DBH 8 inches
  • Crown Spread 10 feet
  • Height 21 feet
  • Description: Not really a fir (hence the dash in its name) and not a true hemlock (the Genus name means "false hemlock"), Douglas-fir is truly unique. Douglas-fir has long been an important forest component in western North America. Douglas-fir comprises much of the old growth forests of the western United States. Also, it provides a large percentage of the wood harvested in the United States. Douglas-fir is considered the second tallest tree in North America, after redwood. Old growth trees of the Pacific Northwest are often over 300 ft. tall. Today, Douglas-fir is planted for timber and ornamental purposes around the world. Locally, Douglas-fir is a common ornamental and Christmas tree.

    While you are visiting the Douglas-fir, notice the adjacent white fir. These two beautiful trees are commonly found together in the Rocky Mountains.

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