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Review the Basics of tree ID - View a slideshow to learn about ID tools (or pdf)

Dichotomous Keys Figure out your unknown by clicking on the button that best describes it. A table will list the possible matches, with links to our tree fact sheets. If a picture exactly matches your leaf, clicking on the picture will take you directly to a fact sheet for that species.

Multichotomous Key lobedscaly bud

An interview - Think of this as a process of elimination, narrowing the possibilities with each selection. If you select "I don't know" for every decision, you will view all the species in the database. Only make selections that you are sure about - or you might accidently eliminate the answer!

Step 1: Location

If your specimen was planted, select your planting zone.

more info on plant hardiness zones

If your specimen was growing wild, select your state.

Step 2: Growth Habit / Size (Click on any picture to enlarge it)

I'm not sure

large tree tree

shrub shrub

small tree bramble

vine vine

Step 3: Habitat

I'm not sure

swamp swamp / flooded

mesic mesic (most eastern species are here)

dry dry (most western species are here)

desert arid / desert

high elevation alpine / high elevation / far north

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