trailing arbutus Ericaceae Epigaea repens L. Listen to the Latin   symbol: EPRE2
Other Fact Sheets
Leaf: Alternate, evergreen, ovate to nearly oval, hairy margins, 2 to 3 inches long, heart-shaped base and somewhat thickened, shiny dark green above, a bit lighter and hairy beneath.
Flower: Perfect, white, pink to nearly red, 5 petals, up to 1/2 inch across, groups of 3 to 5, very fragrant, appearing in early to mid-spring.

Fruit: Berry-like, round capsule, 1/2 inch across, pale yellow-orange, ripens in late summer.

Twig: Basically not present, nearly prostrate stems are reddish brown, hairy and slightly shreddy; buds with loose green scales.


Form: Low growing, creeping woody herb, large leaves are mostly all that is visible.
No range map exists for this species. See a map of the states in which Epigaea repens can be found (opens a new window). USDA Plants Database
Epigaea repens is native to North America.

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